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Python scores 4th in the TIOBE Index

by Kristian Rother last modified Jun 27, 2016 10:47 PM
In the June 2016 edition of the TIOBE Index of popular programming languages, Python scored 4th place after Java, C and C++.

This is an improvement of two places in the ranking since June 2015. C# is very close to Python as 5th in the ranking, and Objective C dropped 10 positions to the 15th. In turn, languages like PHP, JavaScript and Ruby gained in importance.

The TIOBE Index regularly queries 25 search engines for terms like "Python programming" and counts the relevant hits. It is worth pointing out that the index shows an increasingly strong "long tail" effect, meaning that the less popular languages sum up to a larger proportion of the total. In other words, the programming landscape is becoming more diverse.

Also see the full TIOBE index.